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Our Treatment Approach

Our overarching goal is to help each patient achieve an improved quality of life and freedom from illicit drug use and addictions with a treatment approach that combines medication-assisted treatment, counseling, and case management.

Our program serves both men and women who are eighteen years of age and older and who are addicted to opiates.   Respect, understanding, and compassion are the cornerstones of how we treat our patients. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment 

Our medication-assisted treatment uses suboxone; a medication proven to be medically effective in the treatment of opiate addiction when used in a controlled and well-organized program and prescribed by a physician.   Services are tailored to meet the needs of each patient and are determined by the Medical Director. 


We recognize that treatment success may depend in part on a strong counseling component and development of strong relationships between patients and the staff who care for them.  Our providers may recommend counseling as part of a patient's regimen.   If your provider believes that counseling would benefit your recovery program, they will help you access a program of individual or group counseling.      

What the Treatment Process Looks Like


Individuals are screened for appropriateness and initial eligibility prior to admission to the program.   Our program serves both men and women who are eighteen years of age and older and who are addicted to opiates. 

 Admission criteria include:

  • Evidence of opioid tolerance

  • Current or past psychological dependence for at least one year prior to admission

  • Evidence of multiple and daily self-administration of an opioid. 

We also strive to answer any questions you might have about the treatment program during the screening process.


Once an individual is deemed appropriate for the program, staff members conduct an initial intake and assessment.  Our intake process includes a substance abuse history. The substance abuse assessment helps the team identify the patient's strengths, needs, preferences and more. 

The process also includes a medical and physical evaluation to understand the patient's health history and other medical conditions.  All new patients are required to complete a urine drug screening. 


Each individual's care is guided by a personalized treatment plan.  Treatment plans outline the patient's goals, objectives, expected outcomes and related interventions.  Development of the treatment plan includes active participation of the patient and when appropriate the patient's significant others.    

Patients are seen at least once a month to assess progress and ensure tolerance of the prescribed medication. As the patient progresses through treatment, the plan is updated and refined to help the patient move toward their goals.  We strive to ensure that each treatment plan is person-centered and reflects the specific and unique needs of the individual. 



Since starting treatment I have been able to rebuild positive relationships that I destroyed during active addiction.  I have been able to achieve goals that I never thought I could.   

I love this place.  It saved my life.


What to expect at your first appointment 

During your initial appointment, our staff will meet with you to ensure that you are eligible and appropriate for treatment.  If you meet our established eligibility requirements, you will be asked to complete a number of different forms to tell us about yourself, your substance abuse history, and your needs and objectives.   We will be happy to help you complete those forms if you need assistance.  

You will also be asked to provide a urine sample and meet with a member of our staff for medical evaluation including blood pressure, temperature, respiration, and other vital signs.  Finally, you will see one of our mid-level providers for a private interview and evaluation prior to starting treatment. 


At no time during the screening or admission process will we lecture, criticize, embarrass, or humiliate you.  We will treat you in the same manner we would like to be treated - with dignity, courtesy and professionalism at all times.  

If we determine that you are not appropriate for our program and services, we will refer you to another provider who can best serve your needs.  We will gladly assist you with that referral at "no cost" to you. 


Paying for Treatment

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Payment is required at the time of treatment.  While we do not currently accept private insurance for the services we provide, we will gladly give you a "super bill" to file with your insurance company.  Additionally, our staff will help you complete the standard insurance reimbursement form required now by all major insurance companies.   Your super bill will include all information needed to file directly with your insurance company to seek reimbursement for your care.  

We do not currently accept credit or debit cards and do not extend credit for services rendered.  

Reach Out to Us Today

When you are ready to reach out for help, you want to know someone is there.  Our team will respond promptly so you can get started right away.

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